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Just weeks after Coach Vince Lombardi’s death in 1970 from colon cancer, the Rotary Club of Houston was authorized by Vince Lombardi’s widow, Marie and his sister Madeline Lombardi Werner, to establish the Lombardi Award. The award began as recognition to only interior line positions that Vince Lombardi played while an undergraduate at Fordham University (offensive and defensive guard), and later expanded to include linebackers and tight ends, with the addition of including non-performance values: leadership, courage, desire, respect for authority, and discipline.


The 50th Annual Lombardi Award™ continues the Lombardi legacy by honoring the Outstanding College Football Lineman – offense or defense, who in addition to outstanding performance and ability, best exemplifies the character and discipline of Vince Lombardi.

The Award itself represents several significant events in the life of Vince Lombardi. It was designed to symbolize desire, courage, and discipline.  ​This overall design is the same today as it was when the granite trophy was first presented in January 1971. 

As stipulated by Mrs. Lombardi, net proceeds from the Gala sponsorship and table sales are contributed to Cancer Research to fight the disease that claimed the life of Coach Lombardi. Charitable fundraising services have been rendered since the award’s inception in 1970, including namely millions of dollars have been raised to help programs of cancer research.


Join Honorary Chair famed Coach Jackie Sherrill and Alumni Chair Dat Nguyen, 1998 RLA winner for the 50th Lombardi Award™ on Dec 5-6, 2023 in Houston, Texas. This will be a memorable star-studded event featuring past winners and finalists, members of the Lombardi family and other sports celebrities.



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